Thursday, 12 November 2015

A Clean and Simple Christmas Planner.

Hi everyone and welcome to my little blog.  Hope you are all enjoying your day.

Well, I can't believe it .. I have actually started on my Christmas projects and it's only the beginning of November!!!  I have actually made my first Christmas card!!  Not showing that just yet but it's a total miracle!!  I have amazed myself .. crikey, I might even get everything done before the end of the month!!  Whoops!!  I might have just jinxed it all by saying that.  LOL!!

Anyways, as the Title suggests I have a simple Christmas Planner to show you.  Having never had one of these before (I just wrote everything down on some spare bits of paper which would inevitably get lost and then I would have to start all over again and try to remember what was on the original list!!  LOL!!) I wasn't really sure just exactly what I wanted.  I knew I wanted something simple that would keep my lists safe and secure and which I could use from year to year.  Well, of course, the first place you look for inspiration is on the web but I couldn't find one that I thought was just right for me so, using some different ideas from different places, I came up with this ..

As I said, Clean and Simple!!!  The papers I've used are from Kaisercraft's 'Holy Night' 12" x 12" Paper Pad and this is how the Planner opens up.

Might seem a bit strange having the pages open out this way but I will explain shortly.

There is a small elastic loop attached to the spine to hold a pen or pencil and each of the inside pages is a pocket.
The left hand side holds a Card List and a Gift List ..

.. and the right hand side holds the Menu with a shopping list underneath and also an envelope for receipts, etc.  Any recipes, ideas for cards, ads for pressies I may be interested in, can all be slid into the pockets behind the lists.
The lists themselves I actually created in Excel.  There are three to a page so, after printing them, I just have to cut them out and staple them together.  Easy peasy!!

The reason why I positioned the pages to open from the inside out was so that I could see all of my lists  at once without having to turn pages to get to the next one.  'Cos I'm lazy!!  LOL!!  Actually it just seemed more convenient that way.  (My story .. sticking to it!! he! he!)

 This is how it looks without the lists in place.

 The back of the planner ..  the elastic band is the closure.  Wish I had used something prettier but I was too impatient to get it finished and this was all I could find.

The book is small, only 5" x 7", so it will easily fit into my handbag.  One of the reasons I didn't do much in the way of embellishment is that I knew I would want to carry it around with me and it would all just get damaged.  Or, of course, I only need to take out the relevant lists when I go shopping.

So, I now have all my Christmas info in one place!!  Now all I need to do is NOT lose this book!!  LOL!!

If you like this project, I will be posting a step by step tutorial on its construction in the next few days.  Would love to have you back to take a look and, maybe, construct one of your own.

Thank you so much for visiting and do enjoy the rest of your day.

Take care and God Bless.
Happy Christmas crafting!!!


  1. Look at you! Sooo organised....fabulous:) I really like your little December daily. Eminently sensible AND all nicely matching and pretty as well:) I'm following the December Daily journey of a few girls who journal everyday in December. If you're interested, just for fun & maybe some different ideas, here's the web address:
    And I can't WAIT to see your first Chrissy card! Hopefully NO mozz put on yourself, either ;)

  2. Oh wow Margie, I LOVE the design of this, super clever and I love the way how it opens!!! I defo need to make one of these so now I can't wait for the full tut, please post it soon, I can so do with it lol!! Well done on having started your Crimbo makes early too!! Keep it going!! xxx

  3. Hi Marg! Oh wow this looks wonderful! You will be so organised this year with your planner! Love the papers you have used.. And looking forward to seeing your chrissy card too! I hope your week is going well!

  4. Your Christmas planner looks fantastic! Beautiful made with lovely papers. Marlies x

  5. Love your planner! Will be watching for the tutorial!!

  6. What a cool idea and a fabulous idea for Christmas gifts too. This is fabulous and I love CAS so this is amazing :D I need to get started now with my cards :P maybe not :D

  7. Goodness Marg this is absolutely FANTASTIC!!! Wow I am completely super impressed!!!!


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