Monday, 31 October 2016

OH NO!!!!! Not Another Photo Folio .... LOL!! 'Fraid So!!!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog.  I would especially like to welcome my new followers.  Thank you so much for joining me on my creative journey.  I hope I can give you a little inspiration along the way.

As you can tell by the Post Title #!!??!!@#, I am finally able to share with you the folio I made for the Tutorial I posted recently.  I really hope you are not sick of these yet as there is still one more to go after this one.  (I just know you are holding your head in your hands .. stop it!!  It's only one more!!!  LOL!!)
In case this is the first time you've seen these, I first made these little photo folios as an exchange gift for a 'Girls Day Out' with four of my lovely crafty friends, Heather Jacob, Astrid Maclean, Adriana Bolzon and Helen Wallace.   I made one  for each of the ladies and then decided to do a Step by Step Tutorial and this is the one I created while writing that Tutorial.

The papers used on this folio are all from Maja.  I have always loved Maja papers but they are not easy to get here and now I have heaps thanks to my sweet friend Heather Jacob who gifted me a stack of these gorgeous papers.  Thank you so much for your generosity Heather, I am blessed by your friendship in so many ways.

Unfortunately I didn't have much left in the way of the word chippies that I used on the other folios
but I did manage to find a few different ones that were suitable.

When writing the tutorial, I did explain that the pages don't really sit flat when the book is open (as you can see in the photo below) but I don't really see it as a problem.

Photo mat from the inside front pocket.

Half pocket page.

Folded card from half pocket.

Double pocket page.

  Journaling cards.

 Full pocket page.

 Photo mat from Pocket page.

Flip page.
 Opened once .. 

 .. fully open .. 

 .. the inside back cover .. 
.. and the back of the book.
As you saw, I decorated this one pretty much the same as the others with just some stamping, stenciling, washi tape and a few Scrapmatts chippies.

Thank you so much for dropping by and suffering through another of these.  Only one more to go (which will be a while .. (yeah, I can hear your sigh of relief .. LOL!!)) and then I'll be done with these!!

Have a great week!!
Take care and God Bless.


  1. Well I am really in awe of these as I dont know if I would have the skill to create one let alone one for each of your friends.. I love the colors you have used with this one.. each page looks great.. the hint of stamping is a good touch too.. thanks for sharing your creative talents... I hope you have a good week ahead Marg!!

  2. This is a fabulous folio. really wonderful and I can tell how much time was spent creating this becuase the little finishing touches show! wonderful

  3. Beautiful absolutely beautiful! I am definitely making this.

  4. No suffering needed Margy! Just another chance to admire your prodigious talent. I'm a HUGE fan of Maja papers and these look stunning in your special folio. Not quite sure how you get everything looking so perfect and neat; I have trouble getting measurements this accurate. But your finished product looks totally professional; each section offering something beautiful; something to be very proud of. Enjoy the peaks of sunshine this week :D

  5. I adore these Marg! No need to apologise - they are works of art!

  6. Wow Margaret, this is just incredible! So much work went into this, man on man, it looks so complicated but totally worth it! Love the patterns, they look very authentic, like fabric and suede! Another wonderful project, you sure do make some amazing things my friend! hugs :)

  7. LOL! Never sick of them! Each time I look I get a better idea of how they are made!!! LOOOOVE the subtle stamping on those gorg pps.....that cross hatch Kaiser stamp in prop my all-time fave. Looks brill here. Actually, as you know, I'm not a strong flower peep & I always thought of Maja as being flower orientated, but this range is truly superb! Fabulous one....can't wait to see your next one :):)!!!

  8. Wow! What a fabulous project...truly a labour of love! Excellent details and so much to a Christmas stocking!

  9. I could never get sick at looking at your fabulous folios!! Margaret, this one is simply fabulous!! I love your paper and color choices and the way you slightly distressed it with ink! Wonderful!! Cant wait to see more!!!

  10. Hi, where would I find the tutorial please?

    1. Hello. If you go to the top of this page you will find a tab titled Step by Step. Click on that tab and you wil find the tutorial. :)


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