Friday, 25 January 2013

Travel Mini - Part two

Hello again everyone.  Here is the second installment of my Travel Mini.
Just a warning that it is a huge post with lots and lots of photos.
In my last post I mentioned I would give you the link to Kathy Orta's tutorials in case anyone wanted to get it for themselves but first I'll give you the link to the video of the album this tutorial is based on.  That way you can see exactly what you'd be getting.  The album is Kathy's All Occasion Mini Album and you can view the video HERE.   I'll give you the link to her tutorials at the end of this post.  (Sneaky huh?  Now you have to look through my post don't you?  LOL)
Here is page 5.
Just a simple page same as No. 3.  The suitcase is a pocket which holds a photo mat and a journalling card and, again, there is room on the page underneath for another photo.
Page 6.
 In between pages 5 and 6 is a half page which is actually just a pocket.  This is a very clever little design that Kathy incorporated into this album.  You simply cut a couple of slots into the leaves of the binding and pull that section to the side when glueing in the page.
 Then onto the spare piece you glue this little pocket and it acts like just another page that you can flip over.   You can make your pocket any width you like but you will have to glue the bottom closed because this piece of binding will probably not be wide enough.  You will also need to glue that section closed at the bottom of the main page.
 I love this idea and will use it in future albums too.   As you can see the small pocket/page holds a photo mat and the large page also has a photo mat in the side pocket.

It's hard to tell from the above photo but the larger mat has a photo stack inside it as shown below.
Once I get the photos into it I'll do a bit of decorating.

Page 7.

Again a simple page just with a pocket, photo mat and journalling tag.
I mentioned in my last post that I'm using Kaisercraft's Check-in Collection for this album and most of the labels are from their collectables but the large label in this page is actually from Prima's Romance Novel Collection and the circular  journalling spot is from Melissa Francis.  I also should tell you that all the papers and tags are distressed  with Walnut Stain Distress Ink.

Page 8.
 This is another page with the pocket/page in the centre.
Three photo mats to this set of pages, two are doubled over and the larger one is folded three times so, again, lots of places to put photos.  Needless to say this album is quite thick.

 When the pocket/page is turned over you can see there is another fold out section here and again, I have fastened the tags and the page together with a paper clip.
 As with the fold out page in my previous post, this one also opens out twice but is different in that it  also has a pocket with an extra photo mat inside.

Page 9.
 Another simple page with pocket, and labels.  The hot air balloon was in with the collectables.  Loved it so I had to pop it in somewhere.

Page 10.

On this page there is a half pocket with a double photo mat inside and there is also a double photo mat in the side pocket which itself has a pocket on the inside. 

Page 11.

Nearly there folks.  This is the second to last page.  Another simple one with just a pocket and some tags.

Inside back cover and final page.  Whew!! Told you there were a lot of photos. LOL

 This page has a double pocket with a double mat in the bottom one and a mat with a pocket and another double  mat in the top one.

Final photo is the back cover.
I just left this plain.

There you have it  folks.  My Travel Mini Album.  I do apologise for the length of this post but I didn't want to go to a third installment and I really did want to show you all of it.

As promised the link to Kathy Orta's tutorials is HERE.  There are a few of them on the page and they are all for sale but as I said at the beginning of this post this album is the All Occasions Mini Album.

Thank you so much for stopping by.
Take care and God Bless.
oxox Marg


  1. Wow, what a stunning mini book!! I love, love the black matting!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

  2. oh my, what an amazing album you have created Marg, so much detail and I love the way the pockets and tags pages all fit in together. Really going to be such a special keepsake for your upcoming trip. love it to pieces... off to watch video, thanks for sharing.


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