Thursday, 10 January 2013

Fixes for my Mini Album

Hello everyone.  So pleased you took the time to drop by.
I don't know if any of you ever have problems when making your projects but there are times when things don't go the way they should for me.
In a previous post I said that I was making a mini album for a close friend's daughter who is having a baby.  I obtained a tutorial  because I wanted it to be special and I didn't want to be worrying about how to set up the pages and photo mats etc.  And that side of it is working really well.
Now please don't think that there is anything wrong with the tutorial, because there isn't. It is well set out and has lots of pictures and clear instructions and is really easy to follow.
My problem is that the double sided tape and the wet glue I am using doesn't seem to work as well with the cardstock I selected.  I have used both products with other cardstock and they both performed really well.  This cardstock appears to be more fibrous than what I usually use and maybe that's why things went wrong.
On the pockets I was having problems with the double sided tape coming away from the base.

No matter how many times I stuck it down, it just kept peeling away.  Very frustrating.
Also, I was using wet glue to stick my papers down and that ended up buckling the pages.

Unfortunately, once I had made the base pages, I attached them to the binding and the cover before I started to decorate them.  Bad mistake.  These problems didn't really show until I was about half way through, but once I noticed it there was no way I was giving this to my friend's daughter.  So, guess what?  I chopped it apart and had to start again.  Did I say frustrating????

On the second version I slightly altered the way I stuck the double pockets down.  I still used double sided tape and the same cardstock, but instead of glueing the second pocket on top of the first  I glued the hinge to the inside.
 It looks so much neater and it hasn't come apart.  Yayy!!
And, instead of using wet glue to stick the papers down, I again used double sided tape.
So now the pages are lovely and smooth.
And there is no buckling.  (Sigh of relief)
Also, I glued the papers onto the pages before attaching them to the spine which made it a lot easier to decorate.
I think from now on, if I use a different type of cardstock, I'll do some testing first to see which glue works best.  Might save a bit of angst and a bit of money.  I was lucky I had enough papers and cardstock for my second attempt at this album.
I am actually making two albums at the moment.  This baby album and another album using my usual cardstock and following the same tutorial. I am happy to say that the second album has given me no problems at all. Yayy!

Thank you for stopping by.
Take care and God Bless.
ox Marg


  1. I have experienced such as well Marg, it is frustrating. I also experienced where I used double sided adhesive, and 2 years later my layouts fell to pieces hanging on the wall. The tape gave up the ghost. I had to re-do a lot of layouts. What glue did you use that did not hold? I think I mentioned before Helmar 450 quick dry, it does not buckle the paper and it glues anything. I also wonder if it was the paper you used, might have been something in the actual paper. Your album looks so wonderful, boy is that going to be a treasured heirloom! xx

    1. Hi Sandie, thank you so much for your comment. I used a glue that I've used in all of my albums and on a lot of my cards, it sticks really well and I love using it. It is fairly wet though it dries quickly but the cardstock must be more porous and soaked up the glue too much and that's why it buckled. I do have the Helmar glue and I might use that next time I get similar cardstock. Thanks again for your support and advice, I really, really appreciate it. ox Marg


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