Friday, 26 February 2016

Some Colouring in and Sticker Fun!

Hello sweet visitors and welcome to my blog.  Hope you are having a wonderful day.

A bit of a different post for me.  Thought I would give you an update on my Planner and show you a bit of my Colouring book as well.   I'm not really crafting very much right now because my mojo has taken a holiday (seems to be happening a lot lately .. hope it's not permanent) so I thought I would share some of the other things I'm doing.
Now that we are almost at the end of February (can't believe how fast this year is going) I thought I'd show you how January finished up looking.  This is my first Planner so it is all still a learning curve for me but I am really enjoying the process.

I found some really cute owl stickers (love owls) and some animal stickers too.  So my Planner will be filled with these I'm sure. LOL!!

I'm adding in lots of inspirational quotes.  It's good to keep oneself motivated and thinking positive.

The main reason that I now have a planner, of course, is to keep track of appointments and social events, but I also want to record the ordinary mundane things that happen in our lives.  Sometimes, they actually turn out to be the most important things and, if I've written them down, I will actually remember when and where and how they happened.

So, when good things occur, and I find that I don't have enough room in a single day section to record all the details, I add in an extra page or half page so that I don't miss out any of the details.  The little page above was added in to record the things we did when my Granddaughter came for a sleepover. 

I have some see-through pockets so that I can add in photos or, as in this case, some more quotes, because I'm really hopeless at remembering to take photos.  Have to hang a big sign around my neck, I think!!  LOL!!

I'll also be keeping some bits of memorabilia such as the tickets from when we went to see Star Wars.  Really enjoyed that movie .. I think Disney did a great job on it.

I have some private things written in these pages so I've blurred the words a bit .. don't want to be giving away any family secrets!  LOL!!
So that's my planner pages for January.  I'm starting to get a better feel for how I want this Planner to look so February is looking a bit more organised .. well, to me anyway ,, but that's a post for another day.

So, in the evenings, when we're watching a bit of TV or a movie, I do some colouring in.  Yep!!  I've also been bitten by the Adult Colouring bug!!  They call it 'Adult Colouring', but it's still just colouring in exactly like the kids do,  soooooo we're not really fooling anyone are we??  LOL!! 

I have to admit, I really enjoy it.  I find it very relaxing and I love the fact that you don't have to  be realistic, I mean, you don't see too many plants with blue or purple leaves do you???

Or a multi-colured tree for that matter ..

Or a multi-coloured Owl??

Yeah!!  They're a bit weird, but I love it!!!  I really love the books I've got too.  They are the 'Enchanted' series of Colouring Books by Johanna Basford.  A little more expensive but really good quality paper and really lovely images.

You have to wonder though don't you .. I play with stickers in my Planner and I play with coloured pencils in my colouring book .. so, am I going through my second childhood??  Actually, no, I think I'm going through my third or even fourth!!  LOL!!  Don't care .. I love it!!

This was just a bit of fun so I hope you enjoyed it and don't think me too mad  (I am though! LOL!)

Thank you so much for visiting and do enjoy the rest of your day.
Take care and God Bless.


  1. Sorry to hear Mr Mojo has bunked off and left you to it! But you've been creative anyway, with your lovely planner and your colouring. Your shading is absolutely beautiful; subtle and delicate. Growing older is inevitable, growing up is optional in my opinion. Enjoy your childhood as many times as you like.

  2. Hi Marg, Yes I am with you in that I really dont know where the days weeks and months are going.. nearly march, but I am a big glad to see march as I hope it brings some cooler weather.. my goodness we have had some hot weather up here.. today was 39.7 didnt quite crack the 40.. thankfully it feels like a bit of cool air coming in the windows to help with sleep.. and mojo.. well mine has melted a bit i think!! hehe!! love your planner, it loiks so cute with your owls and i am sure looking back on it you will remember what you did do this year.. and love the coloring in, the shading looks wonderful.. so pretty.. and I have a small coloring book that I potter around in every now and then.. I got some pencils you dont have to press hard to get some color happening which is good for my fingers.. anyway.. weekend tomorrow.. enjoy yours Marg.. I hope it is a good one!

  3. Your planner is looking super duper & I ADORE your colouring....I think your mojo is still there....just taken a different form for a bit!!!! That journal is REALLY creative & makes me itch to have a go!!!!

  4. I hear about the mojo, mine seems to be hiding somewhere and I know not where! lol. Your planner is amazing, time sure does fly doesn't it. I am completely blown away with your colouring, wow those images are breathtaking! hugs until next time :)

  5. Ah ok well that explained it all and I think it is a fabulous idea. Did you make your planner or is it a bought one? I think this would work for me cause I battle with everything on my computer. I like it on paper. Also like you say for remembering things. Colouring in now that is something that I am loving doing. These are amazing.

  6. Gorgeous work Margaret! (I had to take a few minutes and scroll back, to see what you'd been working on before:) Love your creativity~ Karen O


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