Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Man Cards #1

Hello you gorgeous peeps and welcome to my blog.  
It's been ages since I posted last .. the last couple of weeks just flew by me and I hardly even noticed they were gone until today!!  Old age creeping in I think!!  LOL!!

I'm here to share another 'Man' Card.  Only one more to go and then I should be done for this year.  Of course, next year it all starts all over again!!  

This card, and the one I'm showing you in a couple of days, are both predominantly (been reading the dictionary LOL!!) made with Prima's Engraver Collection.  Love these papers, especially for 'male' cards although there are also pages in the pad that can be used for girly ones as well.

This particular card was actually the second one made and I just used the left overs and bits I didn't use on the first one (which I will show you second!!  Confused????  Me too!!).

Did a bit of doodling around the edges and 'rusted' the keyhole with some Patina Rust acrylic paint.

The inside .. added some doodling here as well ('cos I like it!!).

Some closies of the layers ..

.. and done!!  This card is fairly basic .. not a lot happening on it (no crackle, no stamping, no splatters) but, sometimes, simplicity is best!!  Did sploosh some paint and gesso around though, 'cos I couldn't resist!!

Hope you like and hope you'll come back to check out the next one in a few days.

Thank you so much for visiting and do enjoy the rest of your day.

Take care and God Bless.


  1. Oh Marg, you men cards are always wonderful, - the men in your life are lucky fellows to get these beauties!! Love how you have used the papers and other embellishments on this one, it looks fantastic!

  2. Those papers really do look great for men cards... Love how the key hole is the focus point... Must say I'm hanging out to see what you did with the off cuts now.... Tease!!!! ;)

  3. Have missed your chatter Marg! This post gave me a chuckle!! Lovely card and simplicity is often awesome. Love Engraver too!!

  4. I absolutely LOVE your man cards, and this one is no exception! I have those papers too, and almost used some the other day, but then simply couldn't bring myself to. I have problems, lol. x

  5. Your man cards are the best!! rugged, handsome and very blokey! love the rusted key hole, looks so real! Have a good week Marg, and yes.. the days are simply flying by..

  6. Oh it is nice to be back. I have been trying so hard to get back to normal since we got home. Whatever normal is. I have lost my mojo so I need to look for inspiration and what better places to look than my fave blogs. This is a lovely card. You do mens cards so well... I want make a whole pile of them because I don't have any :D thanks for the inspiration :D

  7. I love your man cards - I have such a hard time with them. This one is just - can I say gorgeous??!! - well, it is!


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