Wednesday, 6 April 2016

My Planner - April Set Up

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog.  Hope your day is going well.  A very special welcome to my new followers.  Thank you so much for joining me.

I have another Planner update to share with you.  Around the middle of each month, I start to set up the pages for the following month and I thought I would share the process.  So this is how I have set up my Planner ready for April.

Firstly, these are the divider pages I have made.

In the previous sets of dividers, I actually included a pocket to store the stickers, etc. for use during the month, but now I have actually placed all my stickers and labels and such in a small set of plastic drawers that sits on the top of my work bench.  The page did need a little decorating though so I simply added some ribbon and a couple of labels.

I believe I have mentioned in previous posts that the cover page for each month is actually one of Katie Pertiet's free printables.  HERE is the link to her Free Downloads page in case you would like to take a look.

I love Katie's designs and the quotes she uses.  I found a journal card that sort of matched the month tab and simply resized it on Photo shop to fit the page.

The full month at a glance where I record all my reminders and appointments, etc. 

I started doing some stamping and stenciling in my March pages and I have continued that in the April pages.

The stencil used on the middle section of the page is from Tim Holtz and I used  Shabby Shutters Distress Ink.  I wanted it kept in the background so didn't get too heavy on the ink. 

Around the edges I have used a leaf stamp.  Have no idea where it's from .. found it in my stash.  Here I used two stamp pads ..  VersaColor Lime and Kaisercraft Brown.  I actually started off with just the Lime but didn't like the look so added the Brown and simply went a little nuts I think, stamping it quite a few times.  I  do like how it turned out.

I have added a few Heidi Swapp transparencies to my Planner for no other reason but that I like them.  (Good enough reason I reckon'.  LOL!!)

The quotes are a mix .. some off the net and some out of Kaisercraft 6 x 6 mini Paper Pads.  I have tons of these pads (love Kaisercraft papers) and they have some great quotes in the back of them.

The same page with the transparency moved out of the way.  Rather than use up all my washi tape (I don't really have a lot) I mostly use strips of designer paper to decorate my pages but I have added washi tape to the inside edges.  Adds a bit more interest I think.  This particular washi tape I found at Office Works.

The weekly pages where I record what actually happens each day.
  Well, most days anyway.   There will be days where nothing much worth recording happens so, those sections will just be filled with stickers, etc.

Week 1 

Not really happy with the above page .. a bit wishy washy .. but, perhaps, once I get some daily happenings in there and add some stickers, etc. it will probably look better.  I hope!!  LOL!!

Week 2

These weekly pages are basically the same .. just different papers and different quotes.
I have found a design/pattern I like and I'm sticking to it.   For the moment anyway.  Perhaps, further down the track I will find another way to do it but, for now, this suits me.  I know the quotes and paper I add take up a fair bit of the writing space but, if I do have notes I want to record, or if the day sections aren't big enough to take everything I want to write there, I simply add a note page in the center.  To see what I mean, check out my January pages HERE.

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

All the pages for this Planner are actually free printables from PenGems.   I have downloaded the full year of pages but I only print out the month I'm working on.  If you wish to get them for yourself HERE is the link.

The week pages are not numbered so I purchased some Heidi Swapp Clear Number Stickers and added them to the week pages.  They are the perfect size for this Planner.

.. And, there you are .. April all ready and set to go.  In a week or so, I will share  how March finished up looking.  Hope you will come back to take a peek!!

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy the rest of your day!
Take care and God Bless.


  1. Very gorgeous Marg!!! Love your planner!!!! Soooooo organised.....

  2. Oh wow Marg I do not think it looks wishy washy at all!! I love each page.. it looks great.. i love the stamping.. and I reckon I am beginning to think maybe if i had time I could do one for next year.. but I would only need a month one, not each day.. to put in birthdays appointments etc.. like a diary!! I love how you have created yours.. and free printables make everything cheaper too.. I think you are creating a lovely keepsake as well.. enjoy it.. and have a good rest of the week..

  3. This is an amazing book Margaret! I truly love it~ Must be such a pleasure to write in and look at every day. We need more of that, don't we? Something most of us don't think about - like a planner, but it is something we visit every day. It SHOULD be beautiful and creative!! I will have to visit Katie's free printables! And I too, like Kaisercraft papers. Gorgeous stuff : ) Thanks for taking time to share this creation with us! Your stamping turned out soo cool, and I like the mix of quotes and labels. ~Karen O

  4. This whole project is such a great idea and the way you are puttin each month together just looks fantastic! Love how you have added stamps, they looks so subtle the way you have used them. What a great way to keep track of everything!!

  5. THis is so cool. Love seeing what you have done. I haven't tarted mine up so much - thinking maybe I should :D

  6. Wow Margaret, this is just gorgeous!! Wow, so many wonderful details on each and every page! I love all the wonderful floral patterns, so right up my alley! Just stunning! hugs :)

  7. Hi Margy, thanks for your sweet visit today. Sorry I've been MIA, we have been away for a couple of weeks in Tassie and I'm trying to catch up. Your lovely work has me "almost" convinced that planners are a good idea. Have gone to a page a day diary this year which seems to be helping me not lose all the little bits of paper. Next year??? I do like your style of planner, very pretty with lots of room to write stuff. TFS


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