Friday, 24 April 2015

One for the Guys ...

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog.  So glad you dropped in for a visit and I hope you are having a wonderful day.  

Sharing another 'Man' card with you today.  This one was made for my oldest grandson's 20th Birthday.  Can't believe both my grandson's are pretty well all grown up now.  Even my granddaughter will become a teenager next birthday.  Where have all the years gone!!!??  

Anyway, here is my card.
Pretty grungy hey!!!  That's how I like my masculine cards ... lots of distressing and lots of grunge!!

Kaisercraft papers and some corrugated cardboard make up the base and I added some crackle for texture.
I'm in the process of tidying up my stash and discovered some metal embellies that I totally forgot I had, so a lot of them ended up on this card along with some wooden cogs.  Also added some small pieces of gutter guard at the sides.

Of course, I couldn't leave them clean and neat so I used some paints and gesso to mess them up.
Love that sparkplug!!!

I also added some seed beads.  Thought they might look a bit like ball bearings.  Not sure that that worked but I do like them there anyway.

The inside with the sentiment.  I got a bit enthusiastic and wrote a personal message before I took the photographs so I had to block that out.  That's what happens early in the morning when your brain is still asleep.  LOL!!

Of course, when everything was glued down and dry, I had to spread some random bits of gesso around!!

So, there you have it!!  Another of my grungy male cards done!!  Happy to say, it was well received.  I am absolutely stoked that my grandies, and my kids too, save the cards I make for them.  A lot of my friends do as well so my efforts are not wasted!!  Love it!!

Hope the weather is nice wherever you are.  It's a bit cold and wet in Adelaide at the moment but I am so glad we didn't get the storms that they had on the east coast.  They were absolutely horrendous and I sincerely hope it's all over now and people can get their lives back together.
My thoughts and prayers go to everyone in that part of our country.  I have some close friends and some scrappy friends who live up that way but, luckily, they all came through it reasonably well.

Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.
Take care, stay safe and God Bless.


  1. What a wonderful masculine card - I bet your grandson will love it. I love all the metal parts, especially, the spark plug!!

  2. Beautiful your card i love all those parts.
    Hugs Astrid

  3. I get such a warm feeling when I come by your blog Marg! It is warm and friendly and your greetings are lovely! Your man card looks fabulous, very blokey! Love the cogs and wow love the spark plug too! A special card for your grandson! And yes the young ones grow up faster then ever nowadays! Have a lovely weekend whatever you are up to Marg!

  4. Fabulous boys card.... it's a bonus when you find stuff you forgot you had! That looked so like RUST, too....not brown it and love the card behind it.....& time does seem to FLY the older we get, I reckon! Happy weekend. I'm minding Lucas tomorrow as well as busy 'Ma' time here....

  5. Your cards are all so detailed...Thank you so much for always sharing these special creations with us all!!!

  6. I love this card Margy. The colours are wonderful and I love the seed beads...such a good idea. I am sur you GS will be delighted with this card xx

  7. What a nice, chatty post! Love the grungy card & happy to hear your relatives appreciate all the effort that goes into them!

  8. Too much grunge is never enough! Love the rich colours, the distressing, the metal elements and the seed beads. How lovely that yout Grandchildren keep the cards :)

  9. Loving the texture there!!! Great Man card!

  10. Oh your grandies must think they have the world's coolest grandma when you create cards like this for them! I love it! Very clever re the gutter guard too!

  11. Perfect man-card. So much glorious textuere going on here and love the touches of gesso!

  12. wow so beautiful Margy, I can tell the love your pour into your creations, it really shows... swoon x

  13. Fab card!!! Love what you did with all those cogs etc, brilliant layering and super textures!!


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