Monday, 3 October 2016

Girls Day Out Folios # 3

Hello again everyone and welcome to my blog.  Hope you are all having a wonderful day and that the weather, wherever you are, is being kind to you.
It hasn't been so kind to us here in Adelaide lately with people's homes being flooded and torn apart.  It's been absolutely heartbreaking, and there is more bad weather on the way.   Just really hope this will be the last of it for quite some time to come. 

I am back to share the third photo folio made as an exchange gift for my Girls Day Out with Adriana Bolzon, Astrid Maclean, Heather Jacob and Helen Wallace.   I hope you are not tired of these yet as there is still a bit more to come.  I will be posting a little (not so little, actually! LOL!!)  step by step tutorial soon.
If you'd like to take a look at the gifts these beautiful ladies made for me, you can find them HERE.  The first of the folios is HERE and the second one is HERE.

This folio was made for Heather Jacob.

The papers used here are from Kaisercraft's Rustic Harmony 6.5" paper pad.

The design is similar to the Tim Holtz Collection Folios but my version is smaller being only 6.75" x 5".  As with the other two I have only inked the edges, added some stamping, stenciling, die cuts and scrapmatts chippies.
There is a pocket on the inside front cover which holds a photo mat.

The first page is a half pocket page that holds a folded card which was used for all of us to write a personal message.

The paper on the inside of the card is from Prima.


 Two half pockets make up the next page.

Each pocket holds a journaling card for recording the details of the day.

A full pocket page with a flap held down with a magnet.

 The pocket contains another photo mat.

The final page flips out ..

.. once ..

.. twice ..

.. and here is the back of the flip page and the inside cover ..

.. and, lastly, the back of the book.

As explained in the previous posts, I didn't do much in the way of embellishments as I felt the ladies could decide for themselves whether they wanted to embellish or not once the photos were in.

So, I have now shared all the folios I created for the ladies and, all that is left to do, is the step by step tutorial.  I am hoping to have that ready either next week or the week after, all going well.
I really enjoyed making these folios.  Not only because I knew they were going to some wonderful friends but also because I loved the challenge of designing the book and then putting it all together.  Doing things like that keeps the mind active and, at my age, I need all the mental exercise I can get  LOL!!

Of course, I can't close this post without giving you the links to the wonderfully creative ladies I made these folios for.

In alphabetical order
Adriana Bolzon - AB Inspirations
Astrid Maclean - Astrid's Artistic Efforts
Heather Jacob - Art and Life
Helen Wallace - Textures and Tales

Love you, gorgeous girls.

Thank you so much once again for dropping by and taking a look at my creations, I really appreciate you taking the time.

Take care, stay safe and God Bless.


  1. I can not get enough of these folios...can just imagine how the girls must feel about them!!!So much love and attention went into making them...What an awesome friend you are Margaret!!

  2. They´re really amazing pieces of art and so soooo beautiful, and I´ll definitely look forward to a tutorial soon, as I would really love to make one myself too, I love how these have turned out.

  3. Another beauty Margaret. You've added just the right amount of stamping to compliment and enhance the papers and I love the whole design of these portfolios xx

  4. Oh Marg, my heart goes out to you and everyone affected by the flooding, as we went through it in 2011.. It is tragic and it will take a long to get back to some sort of normal.. Take care of yourself and your neighbourhood.. Each of these folios are amazing Marg, and I know they will be cherished. Each page beautifully done with a hint of stamping and love the earthy colors. I hope you have a good week ahead Marg..xx

  5. This is so beautiful! I have a folio, but haven't attempted to dive in yet! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Where can I get a tutorial? I love it.

  7. Absolutely splendid. You've done such an individual look for each of the girls. LOOOOVE this one....I see that Kaisercraft 'splat' stamp set used [well, that's what I call it!!!] & these papers are subtle and stylish and VERY Heather!! Can't wait for the tutorial!!! Might be able to get a few hints and ideas for my Happy Mail booklets :):) And GLAD that stormy weather has passed. Hope that's IT for 2016 :):)

  8. Another gorgeous example of your creativity and attention to detail. Clever designing carried through to a gift fit for a Princess! Lovely to see the Scrapmatts products used well and the blend of papers playing in harmony. Lovely, lovely work. Thanks for the inspiration :D

  9. Marg, you know how much I adore those folios and it is lovely to visit all the details in Heather's one again too. So, so stunnin and the attention to detail is just truly amazing!! (I am still keeping my fingers crossed you are going to find the time to do a tutorial on these, as like others have said, I would just love to make another one too! So sorry to hear about your flooding, fingers crossed there will not be more....

  10. Do you have a tutorial up yet for this? I LOVR IT

    1. Hi Kristina! So pleased you like my folio! You can find the step by step tutorial here If this link doesn't work, simply go to the top of my blog page and click on the Step by Step page. The tute is in two parts. If you decide to make a folio using these instructions please let me know as I would love to see it. Thanks.

  11. Did you use an already made base for this portfolio? If not do you have a template for making it.

    1. Hello Joan! I have a two part Step by Step Tutorial for this folio. At the top of this blog, just under the heading, you will find a link to my Step by Step Page! Simply click on that link and you will find my tutorials there!


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