Sunday, 30 November 2014

2Crafty Chipboard - November Project #3

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog.  So glad you popped in for a visit.
As promised, I am here to share part three of my November reveal for 2Crafty Chipboard.
Having made a gift (The Positivity Journal from my previous two posts) I also had to make a Card as well.  

2Crafty Chipboard used
Brushstroke Tree
Element Set 1
Card Word Circles Christmas
ATC Tiny Hearts and Stars
I'm afraid I am a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas.  That means I mainly use green, red and gold in my cards.  With this card though, I have gone a little outside my usual 'square' and used a sheet from Prima's Romance Novel Collection instead of actual Christmas paper.
I also indulged myself a little and went a bit grungy!

I added some dry wall tape and some tiny beads to the base of the card.  Some twine and some more beads were also added to the cluster.  Both the large red flower and the smaller white one are available from Meg's Garden.

The Card Word Circle was coloured with red nail polish to start off with but, as it was a little too dark, I went over it with Versa Color Scarlet and a little gold.  The Element Set 1 comes as 3 pieces.  I cut one of the smaller ones in half, glittered it with gold, and then inserted it between the paper layers.

The Brushstroke Tree was coloured firstly with Crushed Olive Distress Ink and then with green acrylic paint.  It was then coated in Crackle Accents.  The cracks are only small but they look quite effective.  The Tiny Stars were simply covered in gold glitter and glued to the tree.

I tried a little experiment with the tree.  I wet the ends of the branches and split the layers a little.  Once it was dry, I added some glue and sprinkled some tiny beads over it.  Not sure if I like the result.  I was hoping it might look a little like candles but don't think it really worked out.  What do you think??  Apart from my little experiment, I do love how the tree looks!

This is the inside of the card.  Here I have again used the Romance Novel papers.  The border was punched with Martha Stewart's 'Floral Vine Deep Edge' punch.

Just a closie of the quote stamp.  I have left the right side mainly blank so I can write the sentiment.

Once the card was finished, I brushed it randomly with some gesso.

I do hope that you like my card and also the Journal I shared in my previous two posts and I also hope you have been inspired to try 2Crafty Chipboard for your own creations.
To take a look at the awesome projects created by the other members of the Team.  You can find the link to the blog HERE.
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Thank you so much for visiting and do enjoy the rest of your day.
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Friday, 28 November 2014

2Crafty Chipboard - November Project #2

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog.  So happy to see you here.
Well, hubby and I are back home again after the most wonderful holiday in New Zealand.  It was awesome and we were thoroughly spoilt.  So hard to get back into the real world again but lovely to be back with family and friends.  Be warned, I will be boring you with random posts of the photos  over the next few weeks or even months.  Have to get them sorted first and then .... look out!  I will regale you with all the awesome (to me) and awful (to you) details.  LOL!!!
In the meantime, I have some creative things to show you.
This is the second part of my November Project for 2Crafty Chipboard.  In the first chapter I showed the Positivity Journal I created as a gift for a friend of mine and in this post I will show you the Journal pages behind the tags.  First up, a piccie of the front of the book as a reminder ...

I was really pleased how the front of the book turned out.  I cannot always get the look I'm aiming for straight away.  It sometimes takes quite a bit of searching for all the right ingredients, but this time it just came together really easy thanks to that gorgeous 2Crafty 'Ingrid's Frame' chippie.  I really didn't want to give it up but it looked so gorgeous on the front that nothing else was good enough!
Once again I need to warn you that there are a lot of photos but I will just let you scroll through them without any blathering from me.  Well, maybe just a little blather from time to time.  LOL!!

All the chipboard pieces came, of course, from 2Crafty Chipboard.  The piece above is from the 'Funky Arrows' set and the one below is from the 'Funky Heart Swirls'.

All of the vintage images on the tags came from Meg's Garden.   These are from the 'Fashion Prints' Collage Pack.  As my friend loves these types of images, I was so pleased I had them in my stash.  If you'd like to have a look you can find them HERE.

I simply did a little stamping and also some stencil work on the pages.  This chippie is the 'Ornate Buckle'.

There are three pockets created in between the pages that hold larger tags and this is the first of those.  The backs of all the tags, large and small, were left blank as this is where all the journaling will be written.  The fronts of the larger tags can also be written upon.


Here is the 'ATC Mask' chippie.

This is the second of the larger tags.

This chippie is the 'Funky Leaf Swirls'.

Didn't get the pressure right on the quote stamp on this page.  It says 'Wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen.'

 Here is the third and last of the large tags.

Here is the 'Heidi's Vines' chippie.

The quote says ' Laugh when you can, Apologize when you should, Let go of what you can't change.'

Last, but certainly not least, is the 'ATC Georgian Frame'.

Here is the book fully opened to the left ...

... and fully opened to the right.

Whew!!!  It's done.  I hope you were able to stick with me to the end.  I'm afraid I did blather on a bit more than I intended so I hope you weren't too bored.
Thank you so much for coming to take a look at the more detailed view of the inside of my little book.  In my last post I did mention that the design of the book came from Kimi Blundell of 'Uniquescrappiness' and she does have a fabulous step by step on how to construct it so, just in case you are interested, I will give you the link again HERE.

To take a look at all the beautiful chipboard designs produced by 2Crafty Chipboard HERE is the link  to the website and, if you'd like to take a look at the gorgeous creations made by my Teamies, you can find the 2Crafty Blog HERE.

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In the next few days I will share the card I made to go with this book.  Till then, take care everyone and God Bless. oxox

Friday, 21 November 2014

2Crafty Chipboard November Project #1

Hello everyone and welcome to my Blog.  So pleased you dropped by.
My turn again to show what I have created with 2Crafty's gorgeous chippies and this month it is a Positivity Journal.  For those who have never heard of this, a Positivity Journal is a book in which you can record all the positive things that happen to you that you may like to look back on.  For instance, if a stranger opens a door for you or simply smiles and brightens your day.  Or, you could keep a record of what you did on your Birthday or on a friend's Birthday or just going out to dinner with your partner or with friends.  So, when you are having a bad day, you can look at your little journal and remember all the positive things that have happened in the past year.
I have created this little Journal as a Christmas present for a close friend.  As she expressed delight in the one I am making for myself I thought I would make her one as well.
I really hope she likes it.

2Crafty Chipboard used
Frame Ingrid's
Funky Arrows
Funky Heart Swirls
Ornate Buckle
ATC Masks
Funky Leaf Swirls
Heidi Vine
ATC Georgian Frame

My friend is not really into fussy, frilly things, so I have made this fairly clean and simple.  I have done a bit of stamping and used my favourite stencil (extensively  LOL!) but there is not a lot of embellishment apart from the chippies of course.
 Did some stenciling with Distress Ink and texture paste on the front cover and embellished it with the stunning Ingrid's Frame.  This is an absolutely gorgeous piece that I really wanted to keep to use on something for myself but it fitted so beautifully on the cover that I just have to let it go. (Drat!!)

The frame was coloured with brown acrylic paint and then lightly swiped with Versa Color Polar Blue and Sage.  I then covered the whole piece with Glossy Accents.  I added the little flower spray for a touch of colour.

This journal is an Accordion Book.   I found this design on a post by Kimi Blundell at  'Unique Scrappiness'.  She also has a fabulous step by step tutorial on how to construct it.  If you wish to take a look HERE is the link.
The book is held closed with some magnets and this is how it opens.

The inside front cover has a little pocket into which I have placed a couple of little booklets.

The front piece of the 'accordion' has some tags on top of which I've placed the cute little chain of hearts which is part of  the Funky Arrows set.

Coloured this piece with red nail polish (yep! red nail polish ... works a treat!) and swiped the edge with Versa Color Gold.

There are a lot of tags in this book as this is where all the positive memories will be written down so I have created belly bands and pockets to hold them all.  The tags are simply cardstock on which I have glued some gorgeous 'Vintage Lady' images which are available from Meg's Garden.
Over the belly band on the first page I have placed one of the Funky Heart swirls.

Coloured the Heart Swirl with Versa Color in two shades of green and red and then swiped the edges with a little gold.  It was then clear heat embossed and dabbed with a little gesso.

The pocket on page 2 has the Ornate Buckle which was coloured with Distress Ink in Spiced Marmalade and Gathered Twigs.

It was then lightly embossed with Metallic embossing powder.

Another set of pockets on pages 4 and 5 and here I have used the ATC Masks.

I tried a little experiment here and used some coarse texture paste on this piece before colouring it.  I really like how it turned out and I think I will be doing this again.  To colour it, I used two shades of Versa Color blue and then used Versa Magic Midnight Black on the edges.  It didn't really stand out very well from the page so I used some blue watercolour paint to create the shadows behind it but I might have gone a bit overboard with that.  LOL!!

So, now the pages open in the other direction and here is where I used the Funky Leaf Swirls.

Again, I have used Distress Ink to colour this piece.  I don't have a lot of paints, etc. to colour things with but I find the DI works well with almost anything and the chippies take to the colour really, really well.
I've used Fired Brick DI and then edged with Versa Color Midnight Black and lightly heat embossed the edges as well.

This page has the Heidi Vines.  This is a piece left over from a previous project.  I really love that these chippies can be cut into little bits and pieces and still be viable to use on so many different items. 

I snuck in a little flower  here simply because I can.  In a book like this you can't really use embellishments that are too dimensional as it will make the book bulky and awkward, that's one reason I love using the chippies as they are nice and thin.  Used Versa Color and stamped this piece and then popped some glossy accents on as well.

The final pages!  The end flap is attached to the cover and made into a pocket to hold some more little booklets.

The Georgian Frame is simply coloured with Black Soot DI and edged with Versa Color Silver and Gold.  It is also covered with glossy accents.

Well, I do hope you like my little book.   In the next few days I will be doing a second post on this project to show the pages underneath all the tags and the card made to go with the book.  I do hope you will come back to take a look.  In the meantime, why not check out all the other amazing projects created by the rest of the Team.  
To visit the 2Crafty Chipboard Blog HERE is the link and, to take a look at all the gorgeous 2Crafty designs available, HERE is the link.
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I do hope I have inspired you to try 2Crafty Chipboard for your own creations. 
Thank you so much for visiting!
Take care and God Bless.