Saturday, 1 November 2014

Status Update and Some Sneak Peeks!!

Hi everyone!!  
Sorry I haven't been around for a while but life has been very hectic lately.  I do appreciate that quite a few of you are still visiting here even though I have had nothing new to share and I would just like to thank you all so much for dropping by.   

I have been very busy with other things lately and haven't had a lot of time for crafting or blog visits.  I do manage to get a couple of minutes here and there and I have tried to catch up a bit but, of course, that just doesn't work if you can't do it regularly.
  I have had family over here visiting and then other family members dropping in for a couple of days on their way to other destinations and it's just been bedlam in our house.  Enjoyable bedlam though ... we have had a great time.
Also Hubby and I have been to Melbourne for 10 days and have only just returned home.  It was lovely catching up with friends and more family and, hopefully,  I will  have some photos to share soon but I have to edit them first.  Have discovered my phone takes better photos than my camera which sucks, but hopefully I can edit the fuzzy ones and I may be able to show you some of them at least. I hope you'll be interested!!
Going away again in a couple of weeks.   Going on a cruise to New Zealand and will be gone for 2 weeks.  We are so lucky to have live in house and dog sitters.  This time we will be totally off the grid.  We don't take laptops and we even turn our phones off when we get on board.  In the meantime, there are lots of other things to do and to catch up on so probably the only crafting I'll be doing is my Design Team Projects which need to be posted while we're away.  So, there is new stuff in the pipeline and I do hope you'll pop back once in a while because, eventually, I will get back to normal (I hope)!

Thought I would just show you a little sneak peek of a couple of things I have been working on.

DT project for 2Crafty Chipboard  ...

... and one for Meg's Garden.

These will be going up in a few weeks.  I will try to get some other things done as well but not sure how I'll go.    I hope you will bear with me and continue to drop by.  I really do appreciate you taking the time.  In the meantime why not drop in to the 2Crafty and Meg's Garden Blogs and check out the wonderful projects  both Teams have been posting up.  You won't be sorry.

Thank you all so much.  Take care and God Bless.


  1. gorgeous sneeks margy ... love the colors and velvety blooms x

  2. Hi Marg! Oooh looking forward to seeing these in all their glory. No need to apologise for living your life to the full! Enjoy the cruise and the off-grid time. Sounds like a slice if bliss!!

  3. Oooh these look a bit gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing the full projects. Enjoy your upcoming cruise too.

  4. These look fabulous Margaret.
    Enjoy your cruise and time away.

  5. Oh I am the same at the moment. This is the busiest time of the year for us. ALL of our birthdays, anniversaries, not to mention all the Christmas parties are all at this time of the year.... Dec and Jan and there are a couple of biggies this year. Also have a wedding to plan. I don't know my arse from my elbow at this point. :( I have not created anything for a while either and I feel like such a flake. I am barely keeping up with blog visits ... I am really hoping that next year things will calm down a bit. xx


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