Saturday, 20 October 2012

Binding for Mini Album

Hello everyone!  I am in the process of making another Mini Album.  Surprise! Surprise!  I think I may be addicted.  Anyway, I am using a combination of Kathy Orta's Hidden Hinge Binding (you can find it HERE) and Annespapercreations page construction from her Ladies Diary Yearbook Journal (you can find that HERE).  I love Kathy Orta's Mini Albums, she is a very talented lady, but because I like to use cardstock instead of envelopes or paper bags, I find I go through a lot of cardstock and the pages come out really thick.  Then I stumbled upon Annespapercreations (also a very talented lady)  and loved the way she constructs her pockets with hinges instead of folding over the cardstock, so I came up with my own interpretation.  Someone may have come up with this method before but I myself haven't seen it anywhere.

This is the hidden hinge system from Kathy Orta which I am using as the base for my Album.
 This is just a closer view.

 Here is the base card for one of the pages. You can see I've created two little hinges on the edge that goes on the inside of the Album.

When you glue the paper down on the side with the hinge you have to make sure you leave it open for the depth of that hinge but you do need to glue the paper to the actual hinge.  On the other side you can glue the paper down completely. So you will have a page with a cavity of about half an inch down one side.
 This page has the hinge side of the cardstock so for about half an inch on the left hand side the paper was left unglued.  The pocket was constructed out of cardstock following Anne's hinge method and then of course covered  with paper as well.
 This is the other side of the page and I was able to glue the paper down completely.  This pocket  was also constructed using Anne's method and just the hinges attaching it to the page are of cardstock. 
  And here is the page attached to the binding.  You simply remove the score tape from both sides of the long hinge and slip the cavity over the top and make sure you push it all the way to the base to stick it down.  Exactly the same as Kathy explains it in her tutorial. (If you trim a small triangular piece from the each end of each mountain fold you will find it easier to slide the cavity onto it.)
This is the other side of the page attached to the binding.

I hope these instructions make sense and that someone finds them useful. I 'm finding it better for myself because it uses a lot less cardstock and I think it will be strong enough because it really isn't all that different.  You couldn't use just normal paper but designer papers are generally quite heavy anyway so I believe this will work quite well.  I'll show the album when I'm finished and by then I should have some idea if it is going to be durable or not.
Thank you for visiting. Take care and God Bless.  xx Margy


  1. You have me inspired... I am not going to close this page, till I have taken notes. Margy, this really looks spectacular, and I also look for new ways to create memory albums. I love the next blog post showing more too.

  2. HI BEAUTIFUL Marge, love this idea will give it a go I think it looks pretty good .I love mini books also thanks to my time with meg I have a passion for them one of yours I have pinned on a pinterest board gets so many hits people love it feel proud to call you my friend love ya xoxoxo


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