Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Travel Mini Album

Hello everyone!
I'm back to show you a mini album I've put together.
My husband and I, along with a couple of our best friends are going on a cruise to New Zealand  this year so I decided to make a mini album for all the photos we're going to take.  (  I expect there will be lots and lots. )
I purchased a tutorial from Kathy Orta to make a mini for a friend's daughter who is having a baby and I used that tutorial to make this album as well, although I did customize it a bit. The papers I've used are from Kaisercraft's Check-in Collection.  I've also used some of the die cuts and labels from this collection as well.

Here is the front cover.
 As you can see the decorations are quite simple. I just placed a charm from Blue Moon in the top left  corner and then layered on some tags and labels.
I used cardboard from an old box for the front and back covers.  ( As long as it is not too thick it works just as well as chipboard.)  To join the two together I used some black cloth.
   I have had problems in the past  when I've used cardstock for this as sometimes it cracks when you keep opening the book, but with the cloth that obviously won't happen.
 This album has 10 pages and lots of photo mats.

Here is the inside front cover.
Inside the pocket is a photo mat with its own pocket to hold another photo mat.
This mat also has a small pocket.  So, just in this page alone there is the opportunity to place 6 photos with enough pockets to add some journalling tags as well.

  Here is the second page.
 This page holds lots and lots of opportunities for photos.

There is a double sided photo mat in the top pocket and a folded mat in the side.

 This mat is the same as the one in the front cover in that it has a small pocket inside to hold journalling tags.

 And the page opens out to reveal some journalling tags and more space for photos.
And it opens out again for more photos.

I've used a fancy paper clip to hold the page and the tags together.
LOTS of space for photos.

The third page is very simple.
The suitcase is a pocket which holds a photo mat and a journalling tag.  A photo can also be placed on the page underneath.

Fourth page.
In the half pocket is a double sided photo mat and the side pocket holds another folded mat with the small pocket for tags.
I haven't done a lot of decorating on this album because I feel the papers are pretty enough on their own and I want to wait until I put the photos in to see if it needs anything more.

I think I will finish this post here.  There is still a lot to show you but I will leave that for another post.
I've really enjoyed making this album, partly because I can't wait to go on the cruise to take the photos for it and also because the tutorial was really interesting and easy to follow.  In my next post I will give you the link in case anyone wishes to get it for themselves.
Thank you so much for dropping by for a visit.
Please take care and God Bless.
oxox Marg


  1. What a wonderful album Marg, so many details and I'm looking forwards to the next instalment. The paper you used are lovely, I like them now a lot better that I have seen them created in an album - very enticing really, maybe need to purchase LOL Like the idea of paperclips, they look fabulous throughout the album holding various tag elements - you're giving me itchy fingers to do an album.

  2. What a gorgeous mini album!! And all ready for those photos you plan to take. What lovely work. I'm a new follower. ~ Blessings, Tracey


  3. Looks fantastic. Makes me want to go on a trip just to make one of those mini albums to put pictures in.

  4. What a fab idea and what a great album!! Hope you have the most fantastic time on your trip!!


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